1. Book a session.  Contact Carol Locey Photography, via email or phone, to book a day and time.  I prefer to talk to you on the phone, but whatever is comfortable for you.   Weekends (morning and evening) and evenings (after 6:00 p.m. - seasonally) only during the week are available.    I will contact you a week prior to our session and then the day before the session.  If the weather is not cooperating we will reschedule.  Your Session Fee is valid for a year!

2. Pre-shoot consultation:  I prefer to do this in your home for many reasons.  First is to get an overview of where I'll be taking the photo's, the type of lighting available, and your personal style and aesthetic.  Secondly, we can discuss the type of final artwork you have in mind and where you would like to have it displayed in your home.  I will bring samples so you can start thinking about what type of final artwork you will be investing in.  I will go over the contract details to make sure you know exactly what you are getting. 

3. Prepare for your session.   "The main idea is not to panic!!!"

Carol Locey Photography wants this to be a fun and memorable experience for everyone.   If you love planning your wardrobe, your kids wardrobe and your pets wardrobe that's great!  Check out CLP's Pinterest page for ideas.   But remember, this is all about creating beautiful images of your relationship with your family and your pet.   Smudges, rumpled clothes, hair/fur out of place can be part of the magic I am capturing for you.


If you are having your pet photographed, have them groomed a week prior.  Then it is recommended to exercise them an hour before the session to work off some energy. Hold off feeding a full breakfast or dinner as I will use treats.  I certainly do not want a pet becoming ill from being overfed.  I will take a little time to play with your pet and have them get comfortable with me.   If you'd like to be photographed with your pet, wear complimentary colors.  (White and Black and not recommended due to the high contrast).  Fun shoes and boots (or freshly manicured toes!) are suggested for detail shots.   Carol Locey Photography will provide healthy treats and water for your pet.   It may take a while for your pet to warm up...don't worry!  I will take as much time as needed in order to get the best images of your pet.  I've worked with hundreds of pets and have an inordinate amount of patience.


First of all....don't stress!   This is supposed to be fun!!   I do not recommend matching clothes.  Instead choose a color pallete: blues/grays/yellows; pinks/creams/bright greens, etc. Something that matches your decor and personality.  Mix them up between family members for a cohesive, stylized look. Check out CLP's Pinterest page for ideas.  If you have small kids don't worry about them getting dirty during the session.  Remember, this is ALL about having fun and creating and capturing cherished memories.  

4. Review and Order Session.  At the photography session, we will book a day and time 2 - 3 weeks out for you to see your final, edited images.  Yay!   This is the moment you've been planning and waiting for.  I will come to your house and show you final edited images of your session (the number will depend on what session you choose).   I will also bring back my samples of product to help you in making your final choices.  I can guide you through the collections and/or A La Carte items to help you make your decision.  Orders will be placed for product.

5. Delivery of final artwork!  3 - 4 weeks after our Review and Order session, I will call you to schedule a time to deliver your final artwork!   Display your final pieces and enjoy for years and years.