This is a Blog Page, my Blog page to be specific

First Blog of firsts.    This is my first Blog posting on my first website detailing my first official dog photo shoot!   Whew, that's a lot of firsts!    I went to the local headquarters for Louie's Legacy animal rescue to take photo's of some of the dogs they have for adoption.   The photo's they have posted on their website are good, but I needed a great excuse to utilize my classroom skills I just learned from my Pet Photography course.  And to build my Portfolio.    I was a little nervous about setting up the equipment, making sure I had all the proper exposures and making sure the dogs were shown in their best light.  I also didn't want to come off as a total doofus to Emily, the woman in charge of Louie's.    I shouldn't have worried since she was so incredibly nice.   Since it was pouring rain, I suggested we set up on the covered front porch.  I thought the lighting would be nice and soft.  However, it was a little too soft and I needed to add my remote strobe.   Figures the first dog she brings out is Frank, the black lab mix.  Black dogs are super hard to photograph.  After a few test shots I still wasn't happy with the exposure.  Emily suggested we use the bushes as a backdrop since the light blue blanket I was using created too much contrast.  Much better.  From then on the dogs colors were a lot more forgiving of my novice skills.    However, they were all super excited to be outside and totally distracted by the local traffic patterns.    After an hour and 5 dogs, Emily and I were totally exhausted.   We decided to call it a day and tentatively scheduled another photo play date for next Friday.   Check out some of the photo's on my Adopt page.   And, if you're feeling it, adopt one of the adorable fuzzies shown!