Project 52 - Cliche

This week's theme, for the Beautiful Beasties weekly Project 52 blog project, is all about being silly.  The theme is cliche; as in putting your own spin on a Photographic "cliche".

So, I turned to Pinterest to do some research!   Lots of people are turning to Pinterest prior to photo sessions to come up with suggested poses for their photographer to duplicate.   Don't get me wrong, if there is a specific image a client is really wanting, then I would go out of my way to make that happen if possible.   However, the reason one pays for a professional photographer is because one is drawn to my specific style, vision and creativity.    I want to create a unique image that is inspired by you and your pet.

But, here is my take on a cliche image that is posted all over Pinterest!  

hands and paws

Normally, this is done with a dad, mom and little child hand; but this paw belongs to my grandpup Koda and the human hands are my son and daughter-in-law.

Click on fellow Cincinnati Pet Photographer, Suzi Pix Photography to discover other cliche images, and keep clicking through the links until you end up back here.   Due to the holidays, it will be a small blog circle this week!

Merry Christmas!!!!