52 Project - Re-shoot, re-edit, re-visit

Beautiful Beasties is an online resource and forum for professional pet photographers where we can share and learn from each other.  52 Project is a group that is provided a different theme each week to stretch and grow our creative minds.

For this weeks challenge we were tasked to re-visit an image we had previously done and re-shoot and re-edit.   As you grow and learn as a photographer, your editing style most likely changes and your eye definitely sees things differently.

This image is one I took of Buttercup when I was just starting out with a DSLR camera and made the decision to specialize in pet photography.   I still love this image but on that particular day, the sun was hidden behind clouds and it was gloomy.  I wanted to capture the fall colors in the background but the colors did not pop and the lake looked blah.   Buttercup was working her "stare off into the distance" pose.   I have noticed that I tend to shoot somewhat off kilter and this image shows that!

Since it's finally coming into Spring, I don't have the fall colors to work with.  I do however have a wonderful grassy field across the road from my subdivision.  I have been wanting to take Buttercup there since her coloring lends well with the beautiful wild grasses.

Not a duplicate, but I love the lighting, colors and the fact that I did get her to look at me in one image!  She has perfected her "stare off in the distance" look!

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