Gellie - just like any dog

I'd like to introduce you to Gellie, our temporary foster dog.  Gellie is on vacation with us while her "real" fosters are on a very well deserved vacation themselves.  She is approximately 6 years old and a hound/boxer mix.  The one very unique feature about Gellie is she was born with 3 1/2 legs.  Most people that see her for the first time, or hear about her leg will go "ahhhh".   And they feel sorry for her.


Don't feel sorry for Gellie because of her leg.  Gellie is just like any dog.  She plays with dogs 1/2 her size and dogs that are bigger.   

She can tear down the stairs at full speed ahead,

dart off into the backyard with my other hounds who have 4 fully functional legs.

When it's time to come in, she runs back up the stairs to chill out on the sofa.


And snuggle with her vacation foster dad.  She is a great snuggler.  Just like any dog.


Her 1/2 appendage has a soft pad and one nail which she keeps trimmed.  Mostly she does not use it, just for balance or when she gets tired.  She does use it when she is sniffing around the fallen trees in our backyard to brush away leaves and branches to try and catch a whiff of mouse or bunny or whatever.  Just like any dog, Gellie loves to snort around in the brush for little critters.


Gellie loves playing.  A lot!  She is very good with our little Basset mix baby and will roll onto her back so he can climb on her and pretend he is a big guy.   She is best buddies with our Beagle mix boy.  The could go on forever with their rough housing.  We sometimes have to boot them outside they get so crazy!

As I said before, don't feel sorry for Gellie.  If you must, then the reason should be due to her leg she has been overlooked at every adoption event.  No one even wants to get her out of the crate for a test walk.   Gellie waits patiently and quietly while all manner of craziness goes on around her.  Gellie calmly waits.  Waits to go back to her foster home.   And just like any dog, Gellie would love to go to a real home for the rest of her life, where her family will love and care for her; play with her and appreciate how very unique she is.  Just like any dog.


Gellie is available for adoption through Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue (