52 Project - Angles

Beautiful Beasties is an online resource and forum for professional pet photographers where we can share and learn from each other.  52 Project is a group that is provided a different theme each week to stretch and grow our creative minds.

Angles is the theme of the week.  This makes me think of Old European paintings with stairs and doorways cast in deep shadows with stark highlights.   It also make me think of modern architecture with sharp lines.

I have nothing like either one!

I went with different perspectives in my images.  Not necessarily through light and dark, but with point of view angles.   So, in the photo above, I peaked around a tree trunk to get a surprise angle on Buttercup. 

I stood directly over Peanut Butter and shot down in the next image.  I got him to look up at me while holding the chewy toy they were all playing with moments earlier.

I'm so interested in seeing everyone else's interpretation of angles this week.  Click on Portland, Oregon's For the Love Pet Photography and continue clicking on the links until you return here!

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