Project 52 - January

Week 2 of 2015!   This week's theme for our Beautiful Beasties 52 Project is...January.  We are supposed to capture what January represents to us.  We have members all over the world.  For some it means we are smack-dab in the middle of winter.   For other members who live in the Southern Hemisphere, they are experiencing their summer weather.

To me, January brings a multitude of emotions.  It's the after Christmas "let-down".  The frenzy of gift buying, decorating, baking, parties and spending extended time at home with family (and pets) is over and done.  It's a disappointment and a blessing at the same time.   It's also the start of a new year, which can mean new possiblilites.   It's the act of transitioning from the past to the future.  This January is a bittersweet month for me.  Some things I am happy to leave behind in the past.  Other memories I am not ready to let go of just yet.  There will be lots of milestones to mark in 2015.

For my dogs it means less time outdoors.   This week, Cincinnati, Ohio is experiencing frigid temperatures and the year's first snow fall.  Lucy and Huck are not built for the cold weather.  They have short coats that don't provide much insulation and long ears that get cold very quickly.   We don't take them for walks or hikes as frequently (or at all), and their time spent in the backyard is closely monitored.

January represents a month of hibernation.  Drinking more hot chocolate (humans only), wearing silly coats (dogs) and snuggling under blankets and with each other (humans and dogs).   And, if we are lucky, a big snow fall to curse at and romp in.

Lucy wistfully looks out the backdoor (covered in frozen nose smears); waiting for trespassing squirrels and the brief moments of time spent chasing them out of the yard.

Huck would rather spend his January cuddled on the sofa, napping the winter away.

Click on Kelly Wolfe Photography from Hamilton, New Zealand to read their interpretation of January.  I have a feeling it's much different than mine!  Keep circling the blog until you end up back here.

Lucy, Huck and I wish you all a safe January filled with warm furbaby snuggles.