52 on Friday - Consider Your Vision

Project 52 is a group of professional pet photographers who are provided a new theme each week.  We then interpret that theme through our pet photography and post a blog.   We link to each others blog posts to create a "circle of pet art".  It is very inspiring to see each photographers take on the theme.  It pushes me to think more creatively and to try new photography techniques.

The rest of our weekly themes are based off a book, "The Visual Toolbox" by David Duchemin.  This book contains 60 lessons to help build your vision for a stronger photograph.  This is not a nuts and bolts tutorial book, this makes you think about the kind of photograph you want to create.

Our first lesson/assignment is Consider Your Vision.  David asks his readers to look back on past favorite photographs and look at common elements, what makes them your favorite,  what you are trying to express and how they form and reflect your style.

Some of my all time favorite photo's is a set I took this past fall.  I was working on action shots, trying to stop and capture movement.   I was fairly successful, but they are not the most sharp or technically correct.  Sometimes that just does not matter.

Cashew and Huck playing in the backyard

Cashew and Huck playing in the backyard

For me, this captures the essence of my dogs.  It expresses their pure joy of running free, ears flying, kicking up dust, their eyes bright and a "smile" on their little faces.

Huck intense on the prize.

This one of Huck cracks me up.  He is so intent on that ball.  All of his squishy Beagle skin, ears and tongue are just everywhere.  It makes him look crazy, which he is a little!  But in a good way.

Lucy telling me off

Lucy telling me off

I have beautiful portraits of Lucy.  Ones where she has a regal look on her face and the lighting is gorgeous and the bokeh is perfect.  But this image of her giving me lip is precious to me.  She is full of personality and sass.

And I guess that is what my style is.  Capturing personality.  Telling a story.  Evoking emotion.  I portray it in a more traditional and classic feel.  I want the viewer to feel something when they look at my images.  Joy, amusement, love.   I think all of us artists want to stir something in the viewers soul and leave a lasting impression.

Instead of including a new photo, I want to end my blog with this.   Lucy in the light.  This was taken after we had a house fire and had lost our 3 cats and 3 dogs.  Lucy was the only survivor.   We used to take the dogs on hikes at this local nature center so this first trip with just Lucy was very emotional for us.   And then we came upon this ray of light and I knew I had to get a photo of Lucy in the light.  At that time all I had was my iphone, but you use what you have.   For me, viewing this is almost a religious experience. It is so beautiful and still evokes so many emotions, both good and bad, but it's a part of our lives that we've moved past and come to terms with.   

I'm so excited to see the vision of Jodi Pholi Images , Ipswich Queensland Pet Photographer! Keep clicking the links at the end of each blog until you circle back here!