Babette's birthday wish

In my experience, a birthday party for a 4 year old can get kind of crazy!  So, when Babette came over to celebrate her 4th birthday I was expecting it to get pretty rowdy.

Especially considering that Babette is a dog.

Babs bday.gif

Babette, or “Babs”,  is a Boxer/AmStaf mix and was rescued by Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue in Cincinnati, OH.     Babs is an extremely well behaved, self-controlled, wiggly ball of adorableness.    Don’t get me wrong, Babs certainly was curious and wanted to explore everything.  Like the cake…


We really did not have to worry about her tearing up her birthday photo set, or devouring her birthday cupcake.   Babette’s most favorite thing in the whole wide world is to snuggle with her human friends. As her foster mom put it she is a “world class snuggler”.  If that happens to be a human male friend then that is the icing on the cake for Babs.  See, Babs is kind of a flirt and will make “googly” eyes at any man that provides attention to her.   She also loves to run and play, (she is a Boxer mix don’t you know).    She has the best time with her foster dog brothers and even enjoys the occasional foster puppy.    Babette would prefer dogs her own size, which is about 45 pounds, or larger.   Small dogs and cats are not really her cup of tea.   Did I mention she loves men??!!!   It’s almost a little embarrassing to her foster mom how brazen she is to get attention from men!

The only thing Babette would like for her birthday is to find her forever home.  We don’t know why that hasn’t happened in the almost 2 years Babs has been in foster care with the Rescue.   Her foster parents love her dearly, but want so much for Babs to have her very own family.  Babs would need an owner that can establish firm boundaries and introductions to any other dogs in the household (remember no small dogs or cats for Babs).   Ideally, her new family is very active and includes a man so Babs can get plenty of exercise and make googly eyes until the cows come home!!

Please join me in wishing Babette a “Happy Birthday” and spread the word that she is taking applications to meet potential adopters.   (

Now blow out your candle Babs…I hope your birthday wish comes true soon!!