52 Project - Doors

Beautiful Beasties is an online resource and forum for professional pet photographers where we can share and learn from each other.  52 Project is a group that is provided a different theme each week to stretch and grow our creative minds.

This week it was my turn to choose the theme of our project!   I picked doors because I kind off have a thing for doors.  No matter where we go I'm always taking photo's of doors and gates.  Aged, worn wooden antique doors; peeling painted vintage doors; rustic barn doors; massive iron doors; it doesn't matter to me. I love doors!  To me they represent unknown possibilities and adventures.  You never know what is on the other side of a closed door.

This week, I'm introducing Jethro, our Beagle-mix boy.   He is not as used to modeling as Buttercup and I don't think he is quite the modeling diva like she is.  But, he is still a very handsome boy!

I have images of two very different types off doors.  The first, with Jethro, is my own front door. Very traditional.

I love the color and symmetry of my urns on either side.  And I love the simplistic formality.

The next door is the complete opposite.  It is the door of the rustic barn that belongs to the original farmhouse on the property where our subdivision was built.   

Even though I love my front door, I have to admit this is my favorite for a backdrop.   You can't beat the texture, patina and overall scenic value this provides.   It certainly showcases Buttercups beauty!


I could post lots more photo's of Buttercup and this rustic barn door, but I also want to see what's next on the blog circle!   So lets click on Windsor Ontario Pet Photographer, Candid K. Nines, and keep following the door blog posts back here.

To book a session incorporating your own front door, contact me at carol@carolloceyphotography.com.