Incredible April

There has been so much going on in April; I can't wait to tell you about it!

First and most importantly, I photographed 3 incredible rescue dogs:  Bernard the adorable Bassett mix; Kipling the beautiful and goofy Husky mix; and finally Gable the sweet and sad Sharpei (?) mix.  All of these dogs are available to adopt through Louie's Legacy in Cincinnati.  I just posted photo's under my Adopt section so take a look at these gorgeous dogs that are just waiting for the perfect family.

Secondly, my husband, daughter and son-in-law went to Cumberland Falls State park for their annual Photo Weekend competition.   This consists of taking photo's of nature related subjects within the park and surrouding areas (3 county restriction).   Time line is approximately 30 hours from 6:00 am Friday morning and digital images need to be turned in by 6:00 pm Saturday night.  There are a number of different categories including scenic, wildflowers, animals, forest floor, wet & wild, and abstract in nature.  You are limited to 6 images to submit in any/all categories.   The last and only time I did this was in 1990 when I went with my dad.   There were a bunch of people from Cincinnati and a lot of my dads customers from his camera store.   I ended up winning 1st and 3rd in the "fauna" category in the amateur division.   I remember my dad being so proud.  :)    This year my son-in-law took an Honorable Mention for Wet & Wild and I ended up taking 3rd place in Wet & Wild in the amateur division!   I know my dad is still proud of me.



Lastly, I went with the Ohio Valley Camera Club to Raptor Inc. in Milford for a photo shoot of their Raptors.   This is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving, healing and rehabilitating injured birds of prey to release back into the wild.  Some of the injuries these birds sustain are too severe to be able to release and these have become their education birds for school programs, etc.  These were the birds we photographed.  I was not sure what to expect but was so excited when I saw how close up we were going to experience these beautiful creatures!   They brought out birds, one by one, and set them on a perch with a background of trees and shrubs.  We photographed hawks, owls, a peregrine falcon and a turkey buzzard.  


I'm excited for what's to come in the months ahead.  Hope you will go there with me!