I truly believe that all things,, good and bad, happen for a reason.  Luna's death was a really, really bad thing that profoundly affected me.  Luna was not mine; I did not live with her on a daily basis.  Did not wake up with her bright, smiling face; did not go to bed with her soft breathing next to me.  She was my kids dog and I felt a deep connection with her.

When I paid a visit to Louie's Legacys adoption event that one Saturday in June; I was only expecting to talk to some people about a community event I am helping organize and maybe take some photo's of new rescues.   I wasn't expecting to stay as long as I did.  I never do.   I love, love, love spending time with the rescues and hopefully showing them that some humans are kind and compassionate.   They were expecting a transport from Michigan.  A bulldog mix that had been adopted out last fall but somehow ended up in a pound.  His microchip was still registered to Louie's and they tried several times to contact the family with no success.  They had a relay to transport him back to Cincinnati.   I was still there when he arrived and his markings reminded of Grace, another dog up for adoption.  Then I noticed Luna's foster family making over him.   And he cocked his head just so and I saw Luna.   Then it hit me.  Is this Luna's brother?, I asked.   Yes, he's Luna's brother.   Oh my.   I knew my son and his wife were starting to think about adopting another dog.  I knew they were looking at puppies.  That were female.  But, I felt if I didn't tell them about "Eagle", they would be upset.  So I took a photo of him and it was almost identical to the last photo I took of Luna...posted in my last blog posting.   3 days later, after visiting him and introducing him to Jack Jack, they committed to adopting him.    

Some people would say I'm crazy for what I'm about to say.   But, I know Luna guided her brother into the arms of her mom and dad who so desperately missed her.  They called her Luna Bear so Eagle became bear.   Some things just fall into place.  Or they appear to.