52 Project - Favorite Book

This week's theme is a photo based on your favorite book.  My favorite series of books is Harry Potter, I don't know that I could choose just one!  I love Harry Potter so much, when my husband had to work in England for 3 months I went to visit him for a week.  We took a weekend trip up to Edinburgh, Scotland.  My dream!   While there, I had to stop at The Elephant House, where J.K. Rowling first created and wrote about Harry Potter and his adventures.  We sat at one of the tables, sipping our coffee and looked out at Edinburgh Castle.  No doubt the inspiration for Hogwart's Castle.   Then we visited the Balmoral, a hotel so glamorous and breath-taking and the location where the final Harry Potter book was written.   I. Love. Harry. Potter.  So I bring you my version of Harry Potter, staring Buttercup.


This was my first foray into creating a stylized set and I had a blast!

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