52 Project - A day in the life

This week's theme for my Beautiful Beasties, project 52 is "A day in the life".   This sounded simple enough; grab your camera and capture images of your every day.  However,  I have a full-time job out of the house and when I wake up it's dark and when I get home it's almost dark; this was a lot more challenging than I initially thought.   So, my images are compiled over a few days, but still represent one typical day in my life with my pets.

I've chosen to group my images as one board since they can pretty much be what is going on at any given point in the day.  As you notice in quite a few, Buttercup is napping.  This is her most favorite past time of all and she is really, really good at it!   In one image you will see a lump under a blanket.  Buttercup loves to burrow under the blanket, in what I assume is an attempt to keep warm.   I've even seen her take a blanket in her teeth and try to re-position it over her body.  It's so cute and one of the many reasons I love her so much.

You'll see our morning routine of assembly-line feedings of 4 dogs and 3 cats.  My husband and I have gotten this down to a science and minimal amount of time consumption.  And speaking of my husband, you'll see Buttercup having snuggle time with her dad.

Of course, there is the proverbial "let dogs out" and "let dogs in" as every dog owner is very familiar with.   With the Arctic Vortex we have been living through the past week, the dogs haven't spent much time outside.  They pretty much do their "business" and come straight inside.  Until 10 minutes later when they think they want to go back out.

They do play inside and they have their chewies to keep them occupied.  I can tell that they are getting cabin fever like their mom and dad.  We can't wait until the temps get out of the danger zone so we can take them to our local Nature Park in Cincinnati for a morning romp in the woods.

So there you have it folks, a typical day in the Locey house with Buttercup and her brothers and sisters.  Not too exciting, but it's a dance we are all comfortable and happy to live out.


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