52 Project - Texture

After taking the past couple of weeks off, I really wanted to get back in the swing of things.   This weeks theme for the Beautiful Beasties blog circle is Texture.    I absolutely adore the texture in animals fur.   Short hair, long hair, smooth coated, and those of the scruffy variety.    I love every type of fur texture from big and puffy, to velvet coated, soft-as-bunny-fur.

My Buttercup happens to have short and slightly coarse.   Her fur is not plush, but so fine you can see her spotted skin underneath.  To me, it's very unique and beautiful.


I also love the textures that Mother Nature provides.   In the Greater Cincinnati area, like many others, winter has been brutal and never ending.   Fortunately, we had a couple days of moderate temperatures; almost enough to melt the mounds of snow.   Tho' there are still piles of snow around!    My backyard is full of wonderful textures that are a candy store for the senses.   Buttercup and her canine siblings, love exploring each season.  I've always said that Buttercup is a Southern girl and prefers the hot summers.   I did manage to convince her to explore with me a little this week.


Finally this week, I want to share a texture that I find seductive and fascinating.  That is the texture of light.  Light creates so many moods, can make you look soft and beautiful; then harsh and hard.  Light can help to tell a story like no other texture.   It can make, or break, an image.  A Photographers mission is to "find the light".  Sometimes though, the light finds you and you have to be ready to capture it in a split second.