52 Project - Action

There is always lots of action going on at the Locey house especially with 4 dogs and 3 cats! The Beautiful Beasties 52 Project theme this week is...Action!!   We've had a couple decent breaks in weather, (okay actually it's just been barely tolerable).  So, I ventured out with all 4 during those tolerable times and let them run off some energy.

Peanut Butter loves sneaking up on his siblings.  With his short stubby legs it really is the only advantage he has.  Especially against leggy Lucy.


Lucy is quick to respond!


Peanut Butter knows Jethro is pre-occupied by all manner of backyard, woodsy smells.  So Jethro beomes another unsuspecting target


All Buttercup wants to do is chew on a stick.  Is that really too much to ask? Apparently so in the Peanut's mind.  Peanut Butter may not have Ninja moves, but he has moves.


Then it really just becomes a blurry free-for-all of running, flying ears, craziness and fun.  


And the only action that Buttercup really wants to take part in, is the climb of the steps leading to the warmth of her sofa.


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